Data protection

Data Protection

Activa Personnel SA holds the legal provisions of the Federal Law on employ service and rental services as well as the Legal dispositions of the Federal Law on the protection of data included execution of the respective provisions. We guarantee the most diligence and respect standards named beforehand regarding the processing of your personal data.


General principles

We collect only given data in direct connection with the vacancy and actually necessary for the intermediary or rental, such as your identity, resumes, newsletters, information on your knowledge and professional expertise, as well as Other important data through or lease, for example information about your salary, your wishes, your goals.

We seize your documents electronically (application, including pictures if available) and the information we gain during a personal interview with you. The original documents are then destroyed or, as per your request returned. The data are permanently checked for their current and, where appropriate, supplemented or erased.


Transmission of data

We inform you that all our agents are connected in a network and that your folder/file can also be seen by other consultants/advisors of our company. To the extent necessary for the achievement of our services, we transmit your personal data and additional information about your professional knowledge to our customers. In this case, Activa Personnel SA retains the right to decide if data is transmitted openly, anonymized partly or even completely anonymized. By signing this document, you are expressing your express consent on our provisions regarding the protection of data present. Before the processing of sensitive personal data we will ask your additional explicit consent.


Right of access

As an employee or applicant for Activa Personnel SA you have the right to consult your personal file.


Duty to give information

To the extent any overriding private interest requires otherwise, the data may be written and reasoned request to the competent authority for the authorization, to the Joint Committee and other organs of the public administration, if the data are planned for the realization of their Legal constraints. Furthermore, only the necessary data for the implementation of the constraint in question will be transmitted. Otherwise, all employees Activa Personnel SA have an obligation of confidentiality towards third parties and not to transmit data and information without authorization.


Data security

Activa Personnel SA ensures that no physical or electronic unauthorized by a third party can take place.


Deletion of Data

At any time you have the possibility of requesting in writing the deletion of all your data in our data bank. However, as long as it existed an employment contract between you and Activa Personnel SA, all obligations and rights to keep documents remain reserved.


Declaration agreed

Declaration of consent by accepting these provisions I confirm that all the indications made by me are true and I agree with the present data protection provisions, I explicitly give my agreement/consent that Activa Personnel SA has the right to process and transmit all data to employers/companies of potential engagement, as long as they are important for through or for rental. Besides, I give permission/approval to ask Activa Personnel SA reference information from persons indicated by me. I acknowledge the fact that this agreement may be cancelled in writing at any time.